The Akashic Records session guided by Samantha was an incredible gift to me. Her composed, authentic and warm presence allowed me to be relax and fully trusting in the process. Her guidance in the session assisted me through a transition period where I gained insights and clarity in decision making & propelling me towards new direction in some parts of my life where I have been unsure of. I am deeply grateful to Samantha for this powerful experience. (Zoom Online Akashic Light Clearing & Activations session)
— Sarah Aranda, Singapore
I went in for the bodywork session with zero expectations but the intention to work on what came on my path. Samantha worked on both my muscles and my heartaches as she pulled out my heaviest of burdens and lovingly put them to rest. It took some time to process our session but I can honestly say I feel rested, calm and uplifted both physically and mentally.
— Saskia, Antwerp

It was a healing experience, a very authentic connection for the mind and body. Old layers of traumatised cells were transformed and released. It gave me an experience that helped me through some very difficult issues with pain and trust in my body.
— Annelies, Antwerp

What was intended as a session to help with my teeth-grinding issue unfolded into a wonderful interlude of self-discovery and emotional release. Samantha immediately identified various knots in the muscles around my ribs, in my glutes, and especially my left shoulder. Thanks to her work, I was able to let go of grief and anger I had been unwittingly storing in my body for years. Samantha is kind, patient, intuitive, and skilled at her technique. Her greatest gift has been the reminder to listen to my body and its aches and pains, and the affirmation of my own emotional resilience. After her session, I consulted a physiotherapist who confirmed I had an almost frozen shoulder, just as Samantha had suspected. I have been conscious to listen to the discomfort in my shoulder while doing exercises prescribed by Samantha and my physiotherapist, resulting in deeper healing.
I highly recommend a session with Samantha if you are looking to connect more with your body, and address the physical aspect of emotional burdens. She is as effective as she is talented.
— Kavita, Singapore

I have never really enjoyed massages of any kind and was always especially uncomfortable with people touching my back (it either tickled or it hurt). I was in a strange phase in my life, I was feeling incredibly lost and emotionally blocked up. The bodywork session caused such a massive release for me, on all fronts, to my surprise! Many things I tried to bottle up were pushed to the surface and I don’t know what else to say really, the weight that was lifted off my chest was incredible. I’ve since been so much more comfortable in my own skin, and even with going for more bodywork sessions and even regular massages! Sam has magic hands
— Denise, Antwerp

A divine experience. Struggling with emotional wounds and fibromyalgia I booked an energetic bodywork session with the lovely Samantha. She made me feel completely safe to open up to let her guide me to my deepest self and heal from the inside out. She connected me with my father who passed a year ago, to get rid of all the guilty feelings and to forgive what has been. I felt so much lighter afterwards and complete. The fascia release therapy had an immense effect on my body. And although I felt it in my muscles until a couple of days after I also can walk again without my special insoles and therefore I feel such freedom. It was an experience to never forget because she made me feel wanted, needed and loved. I’m a new person now.
— Inez, Antwerp

Having my Akashic records open up while enjoying a relaxing massage was nothing less then Divine. It felt really sacred while hearing Samantha call upon the Masters to reveal my Acashic records and to infuse my physical vessel with new Divine knowledge. It was a privilege and an honor to work with such a young and beautiful Shaman woman that so delicately offers her healing gift to the world,…from the womb of her own creation.
— Fuad, Antwerp

My session with Samantha was a tremendous experience. Many of my innermost emotional issues surfacedm but Sam always made me feel safe and calm, so it was easy talking about and releasing those burdens. I came outof it aware, alive, energised, and more grounded in my body. I would definitely recommend to my friends and loved ones. After all, we owe it to ourselves and to our bodies. Looking forward to the next one!
— Surin, Singapore

In every session, Samantha holds a safe space for anyone who is working on themselves in a beautiful way and on many levels.She as a a humble and strong intuitive inner guidance and will flow in the direction that is rising. I found myself transitioning in different energy levels and gently coming back within the physical body, lighter and at ease. With great gratitude.
— Valerie, Antwerp