Akashic Light Bodywork

75 MINUTES 85€ •120 MINUTES 128€

We will access your Akashic Records with a sacred prayer and work on all 4 of the bodies - the physical, emotional, mental and etheric. With the guidance and support of your Masters, Guides, Light Beings and Loved Ones we begin to release blockages and patterns through Akashic Light Activations and Clearings, myofascial release and the use of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls.

This facilitates removal of physical and emotional blockages which can manifest as pain and stiffness, it moves stagnant energies to create space and flow within the physical, emotional and energetic bodies, allowing you to release and clear that which has been holding you back and no longer serves you - activating a connection with your Body’s innate wisdom.

Myofascial Release

60 MINUTES €70 • 90 MINUTES €95

Myofascial Release is the massaging and manipulating of the connective tissue- the fascia. The fascia ensures that our entire body is connected- from head to toe. If this connective tissues (which covers our bones, muscles, organs and nerves like a “sheet”) is damaged or affected by sports or a bad posture you might feel pain elsewhere in the body because this “sheet” is being pulled. Myofascial release removes knots and adhesions in the muscles, and in doing so will improve mobility. It can help in releasing emotions and traumas that set themselves in the connective tissue by means of posture or other ways that stress and feelings translate themselves to our body.

Aromatherapy Massage

60 MINUTES €60 • 90 MINUTES €85

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic and health-improving use of essential oils, hydrosols and plant-based oils. Essential oils contain immune-boosting, antiviral and anti-bacterial properties and can be applied during viral or bacterial infections. Aromatherapy also works on the nervous system, when you are dealing with stress, sleeplessness and anxiety, essential oils can help you relax and calm your nerves. Aromas can improve performance and capacity to remember; they can make you alert or relaxed and change or enhance your mood. 

Aromatherapy in combination with massage helps stimulate blood circulation, improve muscle tonicity and help with flushing out toxins. The essentials oils are diluted in a base oil which is applied to the skin and then absorbed into the blood stream to provide a holistic treatment of the body. 

There are several blends to choose from, however when a comfortable relationship has been established, blends can be customised according to your physical or emotional needs to provide a truly personalised experience.

Indian Head Massage

60 MINUTES €55

Once a technique practiced by families in India as part of their daily routine, the Indian Head Massage has evolved to a popular treatment carried out across the world. Indian head massage also incorporates the neck and shoulders, upper back and arms. It improves te function of the circulatory system and helps to balance the system of the body as it works along the face reflexology points. This is a massage that is such a pleasure to receive.




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